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Montering av InnoSense-boks på Nationaltheateret i Oslo.

Innovation – creating value based on a novel idea – is important for the development of a knowledge-based and sustainable society.

NILU works with novel concepts and ideas across our research departments to increase the rate of innovation at the institute. Working to develop and ensure broad utilisation of new solutions is important for ensuring that the institute’s research and development efforts deliver societal benefits.

Innovation and commercialisation

The innovation work at NILU is closely linked to an understanding of relevant markets. Positioning new solutions in different markets requires insight other than technical and/or professional understanding of the product or service.

NILU constantly strives to increase its expertise in how to foster innovation. We engage in everything from business development and strategy development to intellectual property clarification (IPR).

NILU’s innovation department interacts with all the academic departments and serves as a driving force for increased innovation at the institute. NILU’s full-time subsidiary, Innovation nilu AS, handles marketing and sales of NILU-related products and services, and is a holding company for NILU’s spin-off companies and subsidiaries.

Innovation nilu AS

Innovation nilu AS is a holding company for NILU’s subsidiaries. Innovation nilu AS also holds rights to all products, equipment and hardware solutions developed by NILU.

For Innovation nilu’s products and ventures see Innovation nilu’s own webpages.