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Science-based risk governance of nanotechnology (RiskGone)

Project details

Website: https://riskgone.wp.nilu.no/

Status: Ongoing

Project period: 2019–2023

Principal: EU (814425)

Coordinating institution: NILU

Engineered nanomaterials (ENMs) are covered by REACH/CLP regulations; the general opinion is that the risk assessment (RA) approach routinely used for conventional chemicals is also applicable to ENMs. However, as acknowledged by OECD and ECHA, the OECD and ISO Test Guidelines (TGs) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) need to be verified and adapted to be applicable to ENMs.

Engineered nanomaterials (ENMs) provide the opportunity for breakthroughs in health care, chemical and technology industry. However, ENMs’ unpredictable impact on human health generates increasing concern from the public, academia, and governments worldwide.

ENMs are subject to REACH/CLP regulations. The test procedures need to be verified and adapted for specific use for ENMs (OECD and ISO Test Guidelines (TGs) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)). The national legal frameworks and the international regulations need to be harmonized. RiskGone, a newly financed H2020 project (H2020-NMBP-13-2018 RIA), aims at providing solid procedures for science-based inter-disciplinary risk governance, based on a clear understanding of risks, risk management practices and the societal risk perception by all stakeholders.

This workshop will bring together national and international experts in different aspects of the risk governance of nanotechnology, promoting the establishment of contacts, discussions and collaborations between researchers, society stakeholders and public administration. The workshop will also promote a technical discussion between the participants of RiskGONE project with other nanosafety experts and community.

NILU is RiskGONE project coordinator and acts as a host of the workshop. The workshop participants will come from highly experienced and internationally recognized institutes with long-standing expertise in multidisciplinary areas of nanosafety such as characterisation, human-related nano-toxicology, environmental hazard, safety governance, social science, ethics, and communication.

The workshop will feature oral presentations and discussion sessions in order to provide attendees with various channels to exchange and acquire information about the latest developments and future trends. It will provide a platform for strengthening existing national and international collaborations, as well as establishing new ones.

Updated: 17.09.2021

Science-based risk governance of nanotechnology has 21 publications at NILU:

European Registry of Materials: global, unique identifiers for (undisclosed) nanomaterials

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