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Highly Accurate and Autonomous Programmable Platform for Providing Air Pollution Data Services to Drivers and the Public (HAPADS)

Project details

Status: Ongoing

Project period: 2020–2023

Principal: EEA and Norway grants (NOR/POLNOR/HAPADS/0049/2019-00)

Coordinating institution: Gdansk University of Technology

HAPADS is an ambitious project that will custom design and build a novel air mobile monitoring system (devices, data acquisition, analysis, and user interface), which will enable end-users (drivers, transport companies, municipalities, and the at-large public) to make information-driven decisions to mitigate air pollution exposure. The project aims to develop:

  • detector design (microwave-based NO2 sensor and time-delay-integration (TDI) image-based particulate matter (PM) sensor)
  • programmable multiprocessor hardware for data acquisition and signal processing with parallel edge computing and deep learning algorithms support.

embedded software for calibration and optimization of sensors.

Updated: 17.09.2021