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Transport industry

Trafikk motorvei
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Transport is one of the main sources of air pollution. NILU contributes to a sustainable transport industry by mapping emissions and assessing the environmental impact of road transport.

We offer digitalised solutions and smart sensor technology for monitoring and control of air pollution from vehicles. NILU supports the transport industry with an assessment of environmental impacts through the introduction of new technology, and can assist in developing circular strategies to reduce environmental impact and optimise resource utilisation.

Transport services:

  • Emission modelling and assessment of low-emission zones
  • Smart sensors that measure the quality of traffic-affected air
  • Digitalised solutions and information on air quality
  • Assessment of environmental impact of new technologies
  • Evaluation of environmental impacts from a lifecycle perspective

Examples of NILU’s commissions:


Biler i Finnnmarksgata

In this project we develop smart technology to reduce the amount of air pollution drivers and passengers are exposed to in their cars. This technology also contributes to reducing emissions from cars in places where concentrations are already high and in “green zones” where good air quality is particularly desirable, like near schools and kindergartens.

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BildekkThis project is an initial study aimed at promoting responsible use of discarded tyres by stimulating the production of asphalt that contains rubber. The goal is to motivate the Norwegian asphalt industry and other stakeholders to recycle rubber from old car tyres and use it as a competitive resource in paving roads and bicycle trails.