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NILU actions against coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

Due to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), NILU has taken action to protect our employees and visitors.

NILU contributes to the national efforts to stop the pandemic by following the National Institute of Public Health’s guidelines regarding infection control. We do this with local infection control measures, working from home and digital meetings. We recommend that only strictly necessary physical meetings are held.

The laboratory staff at NILU are also divided into cohorts, as part of a plan to protect our laboratories so that we can maintain full operation for as long as the pandemic lasts.

External visitors

We only accept business-critical visits to NILU. All external visitors to NILU’s premises must be registered in the IFE reception, and fill in a self-declaration. In addition, all visitors must follow our infection control rules.

NILU in the Fram Centre

For NILU’s offices in the Fram Centre, local guidelines apply: https://framsenteret.no/nyheter/2020/03/12/tiltak-i-framsenterets-bygg-i-forbindelse-med-covid19/